Too much.
Too soon.
Is it even possible
For you to be here?

Too much.
Too soon.
Are you right on time?
Are all the doubts all mine?

Take your time
Oh take your time.
'Cause in time… 
Karma, karma, baby.
Will guide you,
And love you,
And reward you;
Karma, karma.

So strong.
So fast.
Right at me it came.
I guess I’ll, maybe, ride the wave.

Said, so strong.
So fast.
Into me it flew
And it lifted me up to you.

Take the hand that you were dealt
And play the games you will play.
And at the end of the day you will find…
What will be, will be
What you’ll find, you’ll find
What you’ll reap, you’ll have sown.

Karma is available for download with the iTunes version of Canon Ourania! Enjoy!